A Video Tour of Bending Branches’ Headquarters

Have you ever wondered what it’s like at Bending Branches’ Wisconsin headquarters? Here’s a fun look inside, courtesy of “Made for the Outdoors”!


Made for the Outdoors” goes behind-the-scenes to show how our favorite outdoor gear is made. We were honored to be profiled on their premier show in 2015.

Host, Lindsey Hayes, received a hands-on tour of the Bending Branches process of making our wooden canoe paddles. Here are some of the highlights, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch the video:

Choose the Lumber

We buy our lumber locally as much as we can, choosing our wood for color and beauty, as well as lightness and durability. Maple, alder and basswood all go into our wooden paddles.

Glue the Wood

In order to get the eye-catching colors and designs of the paddle blades, we glue strips of different woods together. Each model has its own design and process.

Apply the “Rockgard”

Our patented Rockgard® formula was developed by Branches’ founders, Dale Kicker and Ron Hultman. Every wooden paddle is tipped with it for added protection against wear and tear when you’re out paddling.

Shape with the CNC Router and Sand it Smooth

This is where the blocks of glued wood start to look like a canoe paddle! The router cuts away the excess wood, then it’s carefully sanded for smoothness.

Apply the Varnish

Each paddle is dipped multiple times into our special varnish that both brings out the beauty of the wood and makes it durable for years. There’s no need to baby your paddle—each one is handcrafted to last.

Take it to the Water

This is what Bending Branches’ paddles are made for: Paddling! Even though they’re beautiful enough to hang on a wall, they’re made to get you on the water. Whether it’s just out the backdoor to the nearest river or lake or on a multi-day (or multi-month) trip, our paddles will take you where you want to go.

(Since this episode was recorded in 2015, we’ve discontinued some of the paddles shown. See our full line of current wooden canoe paddles.)

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