Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters: Defending America’s Most-Visited Wilderness

Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters is a non-profit group of hunters, anglers, businesses and organizations that have come together to defend the Boundary Waters and its watershed from threats of sulfide-ore mining…

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If you're not from the US Upper Midwest, you may not have heard of the threats
sulfide-ore copper mining poses to the Boundary Waters and the jobs it supports. There are public lands adjacent to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness that are wanted by mining interests for its copper, nickel and other precious metal ores.

We at Bending Branches recognize we have customers from all sides of the political spectrum, and have a practice of staying away from controversial topics. But this one hits pretty close to home. After all, the Boundary Waters is one of the greatest and most unique canoe destinations in the world.

We believe Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters has taken a fair look and reasonable stand on this issue, and are in support of what they seek to accomplish.

Who is Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters?

This organization is made up of people like you and us. Concerned anglers, paddlers, hunters, business owners and citizens who value the million+ acres of pristine lakes and rivers, forests and wetlands of the Boundary Waters wilderness.

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They value public lands and our right as American citizens to use them. Some of them vacation in the BWCA, some live in the area, some rely on this wilderness and its protection for their livelihood.

They all believe:

“The Boundary Waters is the crown jewel of Minnesota, the most visited Wilderness Area in the country and a special place for millions of Americans who love hunting, fishing, paddling and outdoor recreation. This is no place for sulfide-ore copper mining.”

Spencer Shaver, Sportsmen Conservation Policy Director, said:

“Hunters and anglers are standing shoulder to shoulder with paddlers to defend the Boundary Waters from a sulfide-ore copper mine at its headwaters.

"Bending Branches, and hundreds of other companies across the country, are working with sportsmen and women to protect the Boundary Waters. This issue goes far beyond keeping the water of the Boundary Waters clean. A sulfide-ore copper mine would affect thousands of good jobs that depend on the BWCA from Northeastern Minnesota to Osceola, Wisconsin."

How is Sportsmen Educating and Calling to Action?

Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters has done an outstanding job pulling together resources to educate the public in several areas. And they’ve done this in easy-to-understand, non-inflammatory language.

Here are some of the resources you’ll find on their website:

  • Numbers proving the economic vitality (to the tune of $933 million annually) of the Boundary Waters area for tourism and outdoor recreation.
  • A look at what the mining interests want and how sulfide-ore copper mining could negatively affect the habitat and ecosystem for centuries. Their findings are based on similar mines, and how toxins have already invaded the environment in those locales.
  • A look at one of the parent mining companies pursuing copper mining in Minnesota (it’s based in Chile) and “why this international mining company should never be entrusted with the long-term health and safety of Boundary Waters watershed.”
  • Take action using the online form to let decision-makers in D.C. know the Boundary Waters are too important to risk. “It's up to us to defend our public lands, waters and sporting heritage.”

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We’re proud to support Sportsmen and we stand with them to see the Boundary Waters protected for our own and future generations.

For more information about Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters, go to their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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