Rick Raffesberger, CSR for Bending Branches

On November 11th, 1996, Rick Raffesberger started as a Customer Service Representative for Bending Branches. On that day, he picked up the phone for the first time and said, “Hello, Branches, my name is Rick. How can I help you?” Today, 20+ years later, he still answers the phone that way.

We’re confident that Rick has talked on the phone to more paddlers than anyone in the industry. Rick helped pioneer not just the language we use in our service department today, but the value we place onto every conversation we have with our consumers.

For us at Bending Branches, “service” isn’t a poster in the break room or terms our leaders use in monthly meetings. "Service" is not a word we take lightly. It’s what motivates us to come to work every day. It’s what we spend thousands of dollars trying to accomplish. It’s in our DNA. We have one mission and that is to have the best service in the entire outdoor industry. This means putting in the extra effort, staying late, and listening rather than talking.

The team at Bending Branches is sincerely honored to have Rick answering the phones and helping fellow paddlers. We hope you will take a brief moment out of your day to call Rick, say ‘hi’, and tell a story or two.


Rick can be found at:


[email protected]