ProStaffer of the Month: Garrett Fache

Bending Branches ProStaffer of the Month for October 2018 is Canadian, Garrett Fache—photographer, videographer and paddler. Let’s meet Garrett…

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Garrett’s Paddling Lifestyle

My name is Garrett Fache and I’m an Expedition Photographer/Videographer from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Paddling has been in my life, basically, since my life began. My grandparents bought some land on Clearwater Bay in Lake of The Woods, and spent every possible minute out there they could with their four children. Since my Dad grew up there, he’s instilled the same love for the cabin through his children.

So basically, I’ve been in a canoe since my parents could put a blanket on the bottom of the boat and put me onto it.

From when the ice goes to when the ice comes back, I’m paddling as much as possible. From remote rivers in Manitoba and Ontario to play spots just outside the city, I get as much time on the water as possible. Springtime is often filled with paddling courses and training for both paddling and rescue.

whitewater canoeing garrett fache

Photography and Videography

Photography and Videography were just side hobbies of mine for a few years. I took pictures everywhere I went with a little red Pentax in my pocket.

As time went on, I found myself taking more and more pictures and receiving more and more positive feedback. It got to a point where I purchased some big Pelican cases and brought my cameras on my trips, so I was always shooting.

Being a paddler at my level and experience, I can get to some pretty incredible places. Mix this with taking photos at a professional level—I’m able to document a lot of places and shoot paddling where most people can’t get to, getting some pretty incredible work, if I do say so myself!

The reason I’m so passionate about showcasing paddling is I want people to see it’s cool. Social media is huge these days, and if I can inspire people to go and try canoeing, then I’m doing my job right.

I like to think a photo of someone paddling a foggy northern lake or running a rapid on some hidden river is a surefire way to get people paddling, and hopefully fall in love with the sport I love most.

bending branches prostaffer garrett fache

Local Involvement and Work

The Manitoba paddle community is a small one, but an incredibly kind and tight-knit one. Everyone is so extremely welcoming, positive and helpful to a level that makes it impossible to not fall in love with canoeing.

I recently completed my Paddle Canada Moving Water Level 1 certification and will be helping instruct paddlers in a professional capacity in rapids next year!

Locally, I work at an outdoor retailer called Wilderness Supply, who’s been a featured dealer of Bending Branches. We specialize in paddle sports—which is perfect for me—as well as carry gear for most outdoor sports.

Being also a climbing instructor, skier, downhill cyclist and hiker, I have a lot of product knowledge and am able to use this to help all branches of the outdoor community here in Manitoba. I also now have a huge gear closet…but that’s an entirely different conversation!

I worked at a summer camp called Camp Stephens which allowed me to educate and show the next generation of paddlers how to truly appreciate remote paddling and the incredible wilderness we have here.

If you’re interested in my work you can check out my website, Wild House Media, Vimeo and Instagram (which is always my most updated platform).

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