ProStaffer of the Month: Evan Howard

Bending Branches’ ProStaffer of the Month for December 2018 is Georgia resident Evan Howard. Let’s meet Evan…

Bending Branches prostaffer Evan Howard

BB: How did you get started in kayak fishing? What do you love about it?

EVAN: I was introduced to kayak fishing around 2008 by some friends who were early adopters of the sport. I immediately fell in love with it! Like so many, I dreamed of huge bass boats, but my budget pushed me into kayaks. It was a perfect fit for me as I love floating small creeks and river where kayaks and canoes are the only means of access.

From that 10-foot recreational kayak I moved into fishing models, got involved in multiple tournament trails, began writing for a few publications and started my own blog.
Now I spend the majority of my kayak fishing energy simply enjoying being out on the water. I focus most of my energy on targeting big bass with swimbaits, or a multi-species approach with fly rods and flies I create.

What I love most about kayak fishing is the places it can take you. I typically leave the lakes for the bass boats and explore remote areas with moving water where every float is more akin to a hiking trip than a bass tournament.
I love exploring new flows because you never know what’s around that next bend.

prostaffer evan howard

BB: Are you involved in your local fishing scene?

EVAN: I used to be an avid tournament fisherman, but as I’ve grown with the sport, I find the time limits, rules and constraints of a tournament to be too cumbersome.

I prefer to be out on a remote river casting poppers with my fly rod from daylight to dark. Or spend the day sight casting to red fish while exploring a marsh on my own schedule.

BB: Is there a local Bending Branches dealer you help out?

EVAN: I work most often with The Outside World in Dawsonville, GA working demo days, helping out with big events and the occasional seminar.

BB: How do you introduce new folks to kayak fishing?

EVAN: Aside from published articles and my Instagram page, sharing kayak fishing for me is organic. Whenever I pull up to a boat ramp, meet fellow fishermen in a boat, or take family members out for first outings, I always share the beauty and benefits of paddling.

prostaffer evan howard

BB: Where can readers connect with you?  

EVAN: The main place I share fishing pictures and info is on my Instagram page.

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