Paddle 4 Tomorrow Connects Young People with the Outdoors

We’re proud to support Paddle 4 Tomorrow—a non-profit organization that introduces kids of all backgrounds to kayaking and the healing power of being outdoors…

Paddle 4 Tomorrow group

Paddle 4 Tomorrow (P4T) helps young people in the Atlanta, Georgia area gain confidence in the outdoors and in themselves by creating outdoor programming that teaches and challenges them.

Kayaking plays a major role in what they do. In fact, P4T was started by a group of kayak anglers. They knew if they could get these kids out on the water, they’d be able to make a difference in their lives. That started in 2007.

Since then, P4T has partnered with the Alpharetta Police Athletic League, Wounded Warriors, Georgia Special Olympics and other organizations in Georgia to help kids. Here’s how…

student of paddle 4 tomorrow

How Paddle 4 Tomorrow Helps Kids

P4T knows if they focus on a few simple goals, they’ll help kids become well-balanced and able to better the world around them:

  • Give them confidence in the outdoors by teaching them skills (like kayaking)
  • Teach them to care for the environment
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop respect for others and confidence in themselves
  • Foster appreciation for kids who are different from them
  • Teach them how proper nutrition and exercise will benefit them all their lives

It seems like a tall order, but taken an event at a time…a day at a time…it works!

bending branches paddles at a paddle 4 tomorrow event

Events P4T Supports and Sponsors

A typical event for the kids is one P4T sponsored in late April of this year: Red Top Mountain Hike-n-Paddle.

The event brought 19 of kids together from different metro Atlanta counties, along with 17 volunteers to Red Top Mountain State Park, a few miles northeast of Atlanta. The park is surrounded on three sides by Allatoona Lake, and loaded with great kayaking opportunities.

The 6-hour Hike-n-Paddle event included:

  • An interpretive hike, complete with wildlife and plant viewing and identification
  • An introduction to Leave No Trace philosophy and practice
  • An introduction to kayaking
  • Lunch provided by some local farmers

P4T partners with other great organizations and local businesses for fundraising events that people love attending.

For example, the Bonafide RS117 Launch Party, hosted by a local brewery and attended by pro kayak anglers. They offering great food, live music and games for all ages.

kayakers at a paddle 4 tomorrow event

Another example: They host the annual Paddling Film Festival, showcasing the best paddling films each year as part of the Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour. Paddling lovers can gather together and be inspired while they support a great cause at the same time.

Tony Narcisse, of P4T, said:

"As paddlers, we understand how kayaking connects us with the outdoors in a very intimate way. Fostering that connection between kids and the outdoors can be life-changing. We see it as a way to help develop tomorrow's leaders keen on protecting the outdoors that we all enjoy and rely upon."

Bending Branches is proud to partner with Paddle 4 Tomorrow in their mission to help local kids through kayaking.

(All photos courtesy of Paddle 4 Tomorrow)

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