Made and Played in the USA

I’m always proud to endorse and support companies of any item made in the USA.

My own history includes all four grandparents immigrating to the United States in the 1920’s. To them, as it is to me to this day, the land of opportunity is the United States.

Traveling and fishing all over North America, each location has customs and cultures specific to the geographic area. Included in my adventures have been trips off the mainland to Hawaii catching bass in the irrigation lakes on a pineapple plantation, a fishing video project in Mexico and over two dozen long trips north of the border into Canada to canoe into the area known as the Boundary waters on the US side and referred to as the “Quetico” on the Canadian side.

My paddles, regardless of watercraft, have guided me to thousands of fish. I’ve been fortunate to catch more than 30 species of fish in about the same number of states and countries. My Jackson kayaks are custom colors, red, white and blue (www.jacksonkayak) and have stars airbrushed in to proudly proclaim my USA roots.

My Bending Branches Angler series paddles are manufactured in the States and are the lightest, strongest, best paddles I’ve ever wrapped my hands around. High quality and customer service is the key to keeping you relevant in the kayak and canoe community—that’s the folks at Bending Branches.

The more remote or exotic the location the more dependent you are on your equipment, just another reason I trust my paddle choices to the best. 

I have sponsors and use products made elsewhere but my allegiance, where possible, is to all the items I use in my daily life including my work and recreational activities that can brag on being made in the USA.

The growth of kayaking and canoeing has exploded and shows no signs of slowing up. For outdoor enthusiasts on the entry level, or seasoned paddlers, equip yourself with the best—and if possible, made to play in the USA.

Hope to see you up the creek WITH a paddle.