Legendary Lake Fork and the Tournament of Champions

The dust has settled and all those huge bass are back in Lake Fork eating shad and getting bigger for next years Tournament of Champions. This was my third time qualifying and the tournament just keeps getting better! There were some incredible anglers!



These guys and gals are the best there is in kayak bass fishing and Lake Fork provides the biggest bass in America for this contest! I am so proud of our midwest region kayak fishermen! So many caught big fish and placed very high! Joshua Workman and Kenneth McVeigh finished in the money and there quite a few in the top 50 out of roughly 127 anglers. I want to thank Cody Pratherand company for providing a quality event that is well organized. One of my favorite moments was looking back after the launch at dawn and seeing 15 or so Hobie kayaks right on my tail and all their lights. It was a pretty awesome sight! The paddling was grueling as you had to travel some pretty good distances to get on great spots. My #BendingBranches Angler Pro Paddle is the best out there and it got me to spots well ahead of the pack. I use a 260 cm which is perfect for the Jackson Kilroy Kayak supplied by #TheBoatDock of Grand Island. I hauled our kayaks with a Tennessee Trailer also sponsored by The Boat Dock. Bass Pros supplied me with the gear I needed to get on big bass! I just needed to land a few more! Those big ones have built in catapults! Lake Fork Marina has outstanding service and fixed a broken tip for me in just a few hours! They have some cool stuff in their store too! The food was great at the Restaurant as well. Texas pancakes are as big as the state! If you fish and want to go after the largest most dynamic bass in the nation you should go to Lake Fork, Texas! I ended up 35th in the competition after a 7th place finish last year. I hope to qualify again and go for that double digit bass that lurks the depths of the Fork. I want to thank my teammates of #teamkayakjakNate Gloria,Kenneth McVeigh, and Kristine Fischer for their support as well. They are all incredible guides for Kayakjak's Outfitters. I also want to thank my sponsors #bassproshops #bendingbranches #yakgear #theboatdock#kayakjaksoutfitters and #emotionkayaks for all their support as well.