Kayaking _ Paddling Your Way To Fun and Fish

I’ve covered a large part of the country in search of fish, done the unsophisticated wading of creeks where your old tennis shoes are your trolling motor (and also your depth finder) as well as visually spotting fish, your sunglasses become the creek version of your 3D fish finders, and watching as fish as well as forage dart frantically in every direction of the clear waters. Wading, canoeing, go-fast boats, bass boats, pontoons, flat bottom Jon boats all have their place, but kayaks are soaring in popularity, with specialty models and a wider variety of uses. There are models manufactured of all sizes, descriptions and applications. Kayaks offer a close up, more personal, open view of the waters as well as the area surrounding them. With a natural approach and a silent glide provided by the paddler, kayaking is a very pure form of sport fishing. You can be embraced by all the natural influences on a stream, lake or just about any spot that has the few inches of water required to draft one of these unique boats.

    Kayak origins are attributed to and traced back to the Inuit Indian tribes. Intended originally to serve as a means of hunting, fishing and travel, kayaks offer some unique capabilities. There exists exploring, whitewater, fishing, fun and kids kayak models in the Jackson line. With hours of paddling and casting to my credit I stand in my boats with ease and confidence (lifejacket 100% of the time). I’m confident in the stability of my Jackson Big Rig and the stealthy approach it offers, complimented and propelled by my Bending Branches paddle which serves as my outboard and my trolling motor.

   Identify your needs, wants and uses. Choose a boat that serves as many of your need as possible. If fishing is your main interest get a fishing friendly kayak packed with fishing features. White water, exploration or just a leisurely local trip there's a kayak and paddle to suit you. Consider tracking. Does the boat travel straight and true? Is the storage sufficient for your gear? Paddle choices are critical. Look for lightweight, strong, matching your paddling and fishing styles each aspect is apart of the  logical criteria. Consider your waters, moving, still, large, shallow or deep?  Do you sit in, sit on or stand up in your fishing kayak? Pare down fishing tackle, grab a few fishing rods that match your techniques and lures sizes and weights. Employ the most unobtrusive approach, gliding silently into the hangouts of your quarry. Bass, crappie, trout or anything that swims in fresh or salt water is a likely target for the kayak fishermen. Don’t underestimate the ability of the kayak to put you in place to find and fool a trophy