Java Wooden Canoe Paddles [Video]

Our Java paddle is our lightest all-wood canoe paddle. It comes in both a straight and a bent-shaft version. Here’s what makes it a perfect choice for you…


The Java is an eye-popping blend of craftsmanship and durability. It’s also the lightest all-wood paddle we make, weighing in at only 19 ounces. That means you can paddle for days on end with less fatigue and joint soreness.

Beautiful Woods

Our Java paddles are hand-constructed from basswood and roasted basswood. The striking pin-striped blade pattern is sealed with an extra-tough fiberglass wrap. Your paddle will continue to look gorgeous through years of use.  

Our Patented Rockgard® Tip

Rockgard® is applied to the entire blade edge for another layer of protection against rocks, sand and whatever else you encounter. There’s no need to baby this paddle. It’s made to withstand all your canoeing conditions.

Classic Palm or Freestyle Palm Grip and Ovalized Shaft

The bent-shaft version comes with the Classic Palm Grip. The straight-shaft version has the Freestyle Palm Grip. Combine either one with the ovalized shaft and you have both supreme comfort and control with each stroke. The longer you paddle on each trip, the more important that is.


The Java weighs only 19 ounces—our lightest all-wood canoe paddle. You may not notice the difference if you're out for an hour…but you sure will during a multi-day canoe trip covering miles of water!

Straight Shaft or Bent Shaft

The Java is available with either a straight shaft or bent shaft. The traditional straight-shaft model is great for any conditions. Many paddlers prefer the bent-shaft model for its greater efficiency and ease on their joints.

Hand-made in Osceola, Wisconsin

Like all our paddles, the Java is hand-crafted at our headquarters in Wisconsin. Both straight-shaft and bent-shaft models come in 5 different lengths. Straight-shaft MSRP: $139.95. Bent-shaft MSRP: $149.95.

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