How to Stay Ready to Fish [Video]

Don’t have as much free time as you’d like to get out and fish? Chris Ritchie, of Ozark Mountain Trading Company, gives us his best tips on how to stay ready and organized so you can fish in those brief in-between time slots…

stay ready to fish

It’s great when you can get out fishing for a whole day, or even a weekend. But let’s face it, we’re all busy! Sometimes it’s all we can do to snatch 45 minutes here or an hour there to get the kayak on the water and throw in a line.

Watch the video below to learn how Chris stays ready to fish anytime he gets a chance:

Fishing Tackle

Keep your tackle organized. Have a stash of go-to baits you can grab and go. Keep it in the front hatch of your kayak like Chris does and you’ll never have to try to remember where you put it.
Keep a basic selection organized in one or more tackle boxes that’ll work no matter the time or season. You’ll be good to go.

fishing tackle
Keep your tackles organized and stored in your kayak

Rod and Reel Selections

Once your baits are narrowed down, it’s easy to select your rods and reels. Last summer Chris experimented by only carrying one rod & reel for the whole season to see how it would go—and he did fine! He usually carries a medium fast-action bait caster and spinning reel that gives him lots of possibilities.

Strap your rods back on your kayak when you’re done for the day and you’re set to go for the next time.

Keep Everything Together

Because Chris keeps all his gear in or strapped to his kayak, it’s a simple matter of putting his kayak in his truck anytime he wants to fish. He keeps his paddle, PFD and remaining gear in a storage area in his truck. Everything’s ready and easy for him.

ready for kayak fishing
Keep everything together and you're always ready to go

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