Canoe and Kayak Paddle Sizing

Hello again fellow paddlers! Well, mother nature continues to bring more frozen moisture to much of the midwest so the paddling plans for much of the area are still on hold. Hopefully some of the disheartened have been able to find a creek or two with enough running water that they decided to grab their boats, paddles, (parkas) and say, “The heck with it....we’re going!”. For those who do not live in such a climate (and are actually wondering what a “parka” is)..well, consider yourself lucky.

On the bright side, the recent weather has provided more time for equipment maintenance, trip planning (a second go ‘round at many winter sports) and the like. (How’s that for seeing the cup as half-full? Can you sense the sincerity?)

So, as those forced to continue their hibernation try to make lemon-aid with the weather lemons they’ve been given, they will keep peeking at the forecast in hopes of seeing that spring actually does plan on “springing” this year!

Now..more about choosing the right paddle. The last post covered the difference between a bent-vs-straight shaft paddle. Hopefully the information was helpful in explaining the benefits of each and can help those in the market to buy a new paddle make the best decision.

The length of your paddle can really make a world of difference in your paddling experience so please watch the video below to see how to best find the right length paddle!