Bending Branches Sells SUP Paddles, Too!

It’s true Bending Branches is known for our high-quality canoe paddles and award-winning kayak fishing paddles. But we make top-of-the-line SUP paddles, too, right here at our Wisconsin headquarters…

bending branches sup paddles
(Photo courtesy of Sean Callinan)

Meet Bending Branches’ Amp and Balance

We manufacture two SUP paddles: the Amp and the Balance. Both have a 100% carbon shaft with a 10º bend—ultra-light and ultra-durable. They’re offered in either fixed-length one-piece or adjustable-length two-piece options.

The Amp and Balance both have gorgeous wooden blades fashioned from basswood and red alder. And they both have our patented Rockgard® edge-protection around the blades. That means you don’t have to worry about hitting rocks with it, or the edges of your board.

They also both feature the wooden Asymmetric Palm/T-Grip Blend for a very comfortable and functional grip.

Here’s where the two are different:

Amp SUP Paddle

The Amp is a full-throttle SUP paddle, giving you plenty of power to get you where you want to go. The Amp’s blade is 100 square inches, a bit bigger than the Balance. Only 27 ounces, the Amp is light enough to use all day long without the fatigue of using a heavier paddle.

Its rounded blade is suitable for touring and yoga, and is also a great performer in surf, if that’s where you’re headed.

Bending Branches Amp SUP paddle

The Amp’s MSRP is $284.95. Click here for more details and to order.

Balance SUP Paddle

The Balance is just that—a wonderful "balance" of performance, comfort and beauty. Ideal for the SUP yoga enthusiast and for touring.

The blade is slightly smaller than the Amp’s—85 square inches. And yet its squared-off profile grabs the water to deliver a smooth stroke. This paddle is even lighter than the Amp at just 26 ounces.

bending branches balance sup paddle

The Balance’s MSRP is also $284.95. Click here for more details and to order.

Still not sure which of these SUP paddles will meet your needs the best?

Just call our Customer Service team at 715-755-3405 with your questions. We’re happy to help!

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