Bending Branches’ Recreational Kayak Paddles

While Bending Branches is best known for our canoe paddles and kayak fishing paddles, we also make recreational kayak paddles. See our line-up…

bending branches recreational kayak paddles

If you only kayak a couple times a year or need to stick to a lower price-point, we have you covered with our recreational kayak paddles. Each is under $100 and yet is made with the same Bending Branches quality and care as our higher-end paddles:

Sunrise Glass Kayak Paddle

The Sunrise Glass balances performance, comfort and style. It pulls through the water smoothly and easily for hours of great kayaking.

BB Sunrise Glass kayak paddle

Its ovalized fiberglass shaft is both easy to hold and warm on your hands. It features a snap-button ferrule that fits snugly and is adjustable to 0º and 60º feathering angles. The blades are polypropylene and offered in high-vis green or yellow.

The Sunrise weighs 34 ounces. Its MSRP is $99.95.

Bounce Kayak Paddle

A smooth, easy pull at a very affordable price, the Bounce is perfect for the casual paddler. Its shaft is made of durable aluminum e-coat, and it features bright yellow X-grips that give you no-slip control.

bending branches bounce kayak paddle

The blades are bright yellow polypropylene. This paddle weighs 37 ounces and its MSRP is $79.95.

Whisper Kayak Paddle

The Whisper is our most affordable recreational kayak paddle, but it’s made—like all our paddles—with care in our Osceola, Wisconsin headquarters. It’s the best-selling kayak paddle in the world!

bending branches whisper kayak paddle

The ovalized aluminum shaft has black grips for your hands, giving it a very comfortable feel. The snug snap-button ferrule keeps it wiggle-free, and the polypropylene blades give you an easy, smooth glide through the water.

This entry-level paddle weighs 37 ounces and its MSRP is $64.95.

Splash Kayak Paddle—Just for Kids!

For our youngest kayakers out there, we present the Splash kayak paddle, built just for them. This shorter, lighter paddle has the same ovalized aluminum shaft and polypropylene blades as its adult-sized cousins. It has the same quality snap-button ferrule that gives a nice, snug fit.

kayaking kids splash kayak paddle

This paddle will let your kids feel the thrill of kayaking and want to come back for more!

The Splash weighs 32 ounces and its MSRP is $59.95.

Still want more info about kayak paddles? Contact our friendly Customer Service team today: 715-755-3405 • [email protected]

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