From the Archive - 108 Degrees on the Brazos River...and a Big Snake

Texas has received a lot of rain lately, so much that major flooding has occurred. It will be quite a while before I get out on the water again. In consideration of this and the cooler temperatures coming along with fall, I thought an article on a trip I took to the Brazos River this past summer would be a nice change of pace. 

Texas summers can be exceptionally hot, and this past weekend was no exception. With temperatures hovering around 108 degrees and not dropping below 100 until 8:30 at night, I think it is safe to say it was pretty hot. That didn’t stop a great day on the Brazos River though.

Clint Taylor Pau Hana Endurance Brazos River Texas

I haven't had the opportunity to go fishing in quite some time. I knew that the temperatures in Texas would be over 100 degrees, but I couldn't resist an opportunity to get out on the water. I decided to go to the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake. 

I have had exceptional success on the Brazos River, including a 12 pound Largemouth Bass I caught a few years ago. On this trip to the Brazos, I didn't expect any monsters, in fact I didn't expect to catch much due to the conditions. 

I took my Pau Hana Endurance and my dad came with me on a Jackson Kayak Liska. We started off somewhat early in the morning with about 160 CFS flow on the Brazos. I started off fishing with a Strike King square bill crankbait and quickly caught a fish that I did not expect to land - a catfish. I never fish for catfish, but once every couple of years I do land a catfish. It was not what I wanted, but it definitely added some diversity to my day. 

Clint Taylor Pau Hana Endurance

My dad was the first one to catch a bass, it wasn't huge, but it was a fun catch nonetheless. A little later I caught another fish on my crankbait, but it wasn't a largemouth bass - it was a white bass. I couldn't believe that I caught a catfish and white bass without even trying. Once again, I was pretty amazed with this so I had a lot of fun... but I wanted to land a largemouth bass. 

Jackson Kayak Liska Brazos River Largemouth Bass Brazos River

It took me a little bit of searching with my crank bait from my Pau Hana Endurance, but I soon landed a nice little bass. It was a blast catching this rascal, but it wasn't a monster. I was really surprised that me and my dad we actually catching fish on such a hot day for bass fishing. I didn't think I would actually land a big bass, but I kept on searching for a larger bass in hope that I would land one. 

Clint Taylor Largemouth Bass Clint Taylor Pau Hana Endurance

My dad would land the next bass, which was around the same size as his previous one. He was using a light action spinning setup with a Worden's Rooster Tail in Fire Tiger. Although I didn't fish or paddle from the Liska, my dad says the Liska is extremely stable and is a great platform to fish from . The maneuverability is great; however, straight line speed is average. Something my dad really liked about the Liska is how stable and simple it was. 

The Liska was doing some work but I had to get my Pau Hana Endurance on some fish. I soon did. 

I casted my crank bait towards some submerged rocks. While I was reeling in my lure I couldn't help but look at the amazing scenery around me - including cliffs over 400 feet tall. I was really in awe looking at the neat scenery, but then I was in awe when I hooked a nice largemouth bass. This guy fought unbelievable hard. I caught a glimpse of the bass as it darted past my Pau Hana Endurance trying to get away. I had a good treble hook set in his jaw though, so he wasn't going anywhere. 

Clint Taylor Largemouth Bass Largemouth Bass Brazos River

I got the bass to my paddleboard and I was so happy to catch a good 2.5 pound bass on the Brazos River. This is by no means a monster, but it definitely was a blast to catch and I couldn't ask for more. This fish was so healthy it was almost unreal. There was plenty of fight left in him too as he gave me a good splash as I released him into the water. What a nice way to spend a Saturday morning - catching some bass on the Brazos River. 

As the mid morning progressed into early afternoon I could really feel the heat hitting. There wasn't much action after my last bass I caught so I quickly changed tactics and starting to catch something else - catch some pictures of snakes. 

Snake on the Brazos River Snake Brazos River

As I was paddling back to call it a day I saw a log that was semi-submerged in the water. I saw something a little unusual and as I got closer, I realized it was because there was a big snake catching some sun! This guy was a big snake. I quickly pulled out my Canon DSLR and got some photos. This might have been the most exciting catch of the day.

It is always a blast getting out on the water and catching some fish just adds to the fun - catching some photos of a big snake makes it even better. If you get the time, try to give the Brazos River a shot, it is a great place to go. Just make sure to have proper protection from the Texas sun. 

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