Angler Ace Kayak Fishing Paddle

Our newly redesigned Angler Ace kayak fishing paddle combines performance and comfort in one awesome, all-carbon paddle…

Angler Ace kayak fishing paddle

Newly redesigned for the 2018 fishing season is our Angler Ace. Let’s take a look at what makes this our best overall value in fishing:

All-Carbon Shaft

First, the Ace has an all-carbon shaft that gives you both featherlight weight and durability for a full day of fishing. To make it even more comfortable we’ve ovalized the shaft to fit your hands more naturally.

The Ace comes in either a snap-button or telescoping ferrule option. The snap-button model has adjustable feathering angles of 0º and 60º with right or left-hand control.

For 25 bucks more you can choose the Plus model with its telescoping ferrule. Infinite feathering angles plus adjustable lengths up to 15 cm make this one versatile paddle. It’s a great option if you have multiple boats or an adjustable seat in your kayak.

Carbon-Reinforced Nylon Blades

The Ace’s oversized blades have a surface area of 105 square inches. They really pack a punch when you want to get somewhere fast, or simply want to get your fully-loaded boat through the water.

The carbon-reinforced nylon doesn’t have to be babied either. They can take a beating wherever you choose to fish.

The Extras

The Ace has a dual tape measure on the shaft, in both inches and centimeters, to easily verify your catches (of course, no one would think of exaggerating!). It also has a hook retrieval system on one blade in case you get a snag.

As ProStaffer Brooks Beatty says, the Ace isn’t just a paddle, it’s a tool!

prostaffer brooks beatty with his angler ace kayak fishing paddle

The Specs

The Angler Ace with the snap-button ferrule is available from 230-260 cm, in 10 cm increments. Its MSRP is $199.95.

The Angler Ace Plus is available in lengths of 230-245 cm and 240-255 cm. Its MSRP is $224.95.

This paddle weighs just 30 ounces. There’s no lighter paddle at this price point on the market.

Check out this video with ProStaffer Brooks Beatty:


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