An Afternoon Canoe Trip with the Sunburst ST [Video]

Dan Arbuckle, of Headwaters Kayak in Lodi, California, takes us on a brief tour on a local river using Bending Branches’ Sunburst ST premium canoe paddle…


dan arbuckle sunburst st

In this under-5-minute video, Dan tells us about his new Sunburst paddle, his new solo canoe, and gives us a short environmental science lesson while he’s at it:



The Sunburst ST comes with a freestyle grip and a straight shaft, giving you complete control over every nuance of every stroke. The ultra-comfortable grip and ovalized shaft, along with its extreme light weight (only 17 ounces) make this paddle a joy to use.

The shaft is constructed of T-700 carbon—similar to the material used in the aerospace industry. Tough and light. The hand-crafted blade is a striking combination of red alder and basswood. The fiberglass-reinforcement and Rockgard® edging mean years of worry-free paddling.

bending branches sunburst st canoe paddle
Bending Branches' Sunburst ST canoe paddle


But let’s get on with our environmental science lesson…

Dan is paddling on the Mokelumne River, not far from his kayak shop in Lodi.

He points out some dawn redwood trees—a deciduous conifer. These unique trees, related to the other redwoods like the Giant Sequoia, are shown in the video in their red winter color. Eventually their needles will drop off before growing back in the spring.

dawn redwood tree
Dawn redwood trees in their red winter foliage

This is one of the benefits of paddling year-round! If you only paddle in the summer, you’ll only see this tree when its needles are green. Thanks to California’s mild climate, paddling is possible year-round.

Dan also points out signs of beavers and otters in the area:
Beaver teeth marks at the base of a dawn redwood
Otter scat and slides between the creek and lagoon

He shows us how much fun it can be to look closely when you paddle through a natural environment. You’ll see signs of plant and animal life you’d miss if you were just paddling through.

Dan’s final words:

“I encourage you to get out and explore your local waterways…be passionate about it, share it and protect it!”

Click here for the full specs on the Sunburst premium straight canoe paddle.

Learn more about the Sunburst or any of our paddles—contact our Wisconsin-based Customer Service Team today: 715-755-3405 or [email protected]

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