Current city
Murfreesboro, TN
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro Carbon Plus
Favorite fishing spot
Coosa River
Favorite paddling spot
Any body of water
The first 25 years of Adam’s life he grew up in Sacramento, CA. His father, being an avid outdoorsman, taught him everything he knew about Hunting, Fishing, and Surviving. From a very young age, Fishing became embedded into his DNA and was something he continues to be passionate about. Starting off as a basic trout fisherman as a kid, his dad eventually got a bass boat, and the two of them set out through Northern California for their new found love of Bass Fishing.

In 2010 he made his way up north to Portland, OR to be with his Wife, Sasha. It was supposed to be a temporary move but instead end up lasting 7 years. While in Oregon, Adam caught wind of a new club called Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing. The first tournament he entered he used his 9’ inflatable Pontoon just to compete. He became hooked! He quickly realized how awesome the people were and how much fun the tournament setting was. He went home that night, put his pontoon up for sale and bought his first kayak, a Wilderness Systems ATAK 140.

In 2017, his biggest fans and supporters (his Wife and their Daughter, Riley) made the move to Murfreesboro, TN for a change of scenery and a little slower pace of living. This move also put Adam near the heart of KBF and he has since become a part of the KBFTN Family, where he will continue to compete in the future. Adam looks forward to growing as an avid Kayak Angler with so much opportunity the South brings and plans to start checking off his bucket list of species and places to fish. He looks forward to what the future holds for the sport and industry of Kayak Fishing.
2018 KBF National Championship Contender