Yak Chum
Garwood, New Jersey
Current city
Long Neck, Delaware
Favorite fishing spot
Sandy Hook, NJ
Matt was born and raised in New Jersey and has been fishing there since he was a young boy. At first weekends with his father in the bays of NJ, NY, and offshore also with friends at local ponds. He has acquired many fishing skills over the years fishing with his father and friends.
In 2008 he sold his fishing boat and was looking for a new way to get out on the water. Searching the internet for small fishing boats he stumbled across sit on top style kayaks. These little plastic boats sparked his interest in fishing from a small platform such as a kayak. From that day on his skills and name has grown within the sport. His reason for kayak fishing is capturing the bliss and tranquility of being out on the water with the thrill of angling.
In early 2012 he was accepted to be a member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team he also began volunteering as a kayak fishing guide for Heroes On The Water outings. Later in early 2013 accepted an invite to join the New Jersey Chapter Leadership team. In 2016 he relocated to southern Delaware living right on the water a dream of his. You can find him fishing at many major tournaments and Jamborees. You may even find him at a boondoggle here and there. Typically fishing anywhere from the shore of Virginia up to New York.

His favorite paddle is the Bending Branches Navigator followed by the Angler Pro both with plus ferrule 240 - 255 CM
• 8 Years Kayak Fishing Veteran (2008 – 2017)
• Jackson Kayak Fishing Team (2012 – 2017)
• YakAttack National Team
• Ram Mounts Pro Staff
• Sea-lect Designs Pro Staff
• MTI Adventurewear Ambassador