Aiea, Hawaii
Current city
Kapolei, Hawaii
Favorite paddle
Angler Ace Kayak Fishing Paddle
Favorite fishing spot
West, Oahu
Isaac Brumaghim is the founder of Aquahunters and the forum. He is an ambassador of Hawaii's kayak fishing legion. Known to the world as the elite in big game kayak fishing, the islands of Hawaii hold the sports top athletes. Isaac has won many local tournaments including the PPO in 2012 taking home $1000.00 in cash. He is also a 7 time contestant of the states challenging 8 month progressive tournament, Makahiki. He has finished in the top six the past 5 times. A waterman and steward of the sea, Isaac and Aquahunters are the apex of the sport of kayak fishing. As a result he is also a Pro Staff Angler for both Ocean Kayak and PENN and Pure Fishing.
• Pro Staff Ocean Kayak
• Pro Staff PENN and Pure Fishing
• Pro Staff Bending Branches
• Aquahunters Record Holder: Striped marlin 68 lbs
• Mahimahi: 42 lbs
• Yellowfin Tuna: 103 lbs
• Wahoo: 42 lbs
• Giant Trevally: 54 lbs
• 2009 Time Yak Off Champion
• 2010 Time Yak Off Runner Up
• 2011 Time Yak Off Champion
• 2011 PPO Champion $1000
• Aquahunters Makahiki
• : 3rd
• 09: 3rd
• 10: 4th
• 11: 4th
• 12: 5th
• 13: 6th