Gringo Dave
Albany, GA/Salem, VA
Current city
Sylvester, GA
Favorite paddle
Angler Pro Kayak Fishing Paddle
Favorite fishing spot
Flint River, GA and Apalachee Bay, FL
I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains in Southwest VA. Paddling the rivers and creeks is my fondest childhood memory. When I was 7 years old, I was on a Boy Scouts camping trip on the New River. Everyone was in canoes and I paddled with my dad in a tandem sit inside kayak. While the other scouts were skipping rocks and relaxing, my dad had other ideas. He brought a long two Zebco 33 fishing reels on 30 inch rods…perfect for the river. We fished for hours and I will never forget the freedom that I felt from fishing in that kayak. I haven’t stopped kayak fishing since that day. My passion is fishing the Flint River for Shoal Bass. I love the fishing environment that river fishing offers. When I am not on the river, I enjoy stalking Redfish wherever I can find them. I have a lot of people ask me why I kayak fish. Fighting a fish from a kayak is an experience like no other. Kayak fishing is low maintenance and very rewarding. I love any “human powered” adventure that allows me to hear myself think.
• Successful Tournament Track Record
• Feelfree Kayaks Pro Staff
• Hook1 Pro Staff
• 412 Baits Pro Staff
• Owner/Operator Gringo Dave’s Guide Service