Miami, Florida
Current city
Miami, Florida
Favorite paddle
Angler Ace Kayak Fishing Paddle
Favorite fishing spot
Everglades National Park, Florida Keys
Born in Travis Air force base in California Alex Tejeda came to Florida at the age of three where his grandfather immediately instilled the passion for fishing in the warm waters of South Florida. Throughout the years, many epic fishing trips have taken Alex from as far as the clear florescent blue waters of the Bahamas to the Florida Keys in his pursuit for the next big fish. In recent years, Alex has grown a passion for fishing the ever growing sport of kayaking. After teaming up with Jackson Kayaks and Bending Branches, Alex has had the opportunity to fish the flats of Key West for bonefish and permit to the serene backgrounds of the Everglades stocking tailing red fish and prowling the backcourty hunting down tarpon and snook on fly in his kayak. Today Alex spends most of his time sharing his knowledge and passion for the sport and fishing uncharted waters in the hopes of having the next epic fishing adventure.
• 1st Place finish in Kayak Wars Team & 3rd overall in individual (2011)
• 2nd Place finish in the Florida Sportsman Magazine Kayak tournament (2012)
• 10th Overall at the Adventure World Fishing Championship