Sunshadow ST Premium Wood Canoe Paddle



Please note that the Sunshadow ST received a face-list in the spring of 2014. You may still see some of the older models in your local store today.

Bending Branches’ exotic and eye-catching Sun Shadow ST wood canoe paddle, with a narrow, ovalized, shaft and ergonomically designed grip, fits hands comfortably. The 11 laminate blade features butternut, alder, and basswood while delivering a smooth, powerful stroke.

Blade Size: 
8" x 20"
Grip Type: 
Contour Palm Grip
Lengths Available: 
52 in
54 in
56 in
58 in
60 in
Rockgard Color: 
Shaft Type: 
21 Laminate : Shafts are ovalized for more natural feel and comfort.
22 oz : weight based on average weight of 54” paddle: due to the natural variations in wood, weight could vary by +/- 10%
Wood Type: 
Basswood, Alder, & Butternut
Suggested Retail Price: 
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Made of closed grain, light weight, durable hardwoods, these paddles are both attractive and versatile for the paddlers who take their time on the water more seriously.

  • Designed for flat water cruising on lakes and rivers.
  • Rugged enough for heavy use – strong shafts, resin-tipped blades.
  • Some have fiberglass-wrapped blades, good for heavy use in wilderness tripping.
  • Most are available with both straight and bent shafts.
  • New to the touring line, the 100 percent carbon Black Pearl brings lightweight performance to another level.

While many methods exist, a simple and accurate way is to measure your torso. Sit up straight on a flat surface and measure from the surface in between your legs to your nose. Follow the chart below:

Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
Torso Size Straight Shaft Canoe Paddle Length
20" Youth 36"
22" Youth 42"
24" Youth 48"
26" 51" or 52"
28" 54"
30" 56" or 57"
32" 57" or 58"
34" 60"
36" 62"
38" 64"

An easy way to measure in the field is to place the grip of the paddle between your legs (while sitting) and mark where the shoulder is (where blade meets shaft). The shoulder on a straight shaft should be at your forehead; the shoulder on a bent shaft should be at your nose. Note: this is only a guideline to sizing. Seat height, style of paddling, and arm length can all effect the size you need. Demo paddling is always recommended.

Canoe Paddle Sizing Video
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Please Note
We’ve done our best to show you the dealers in your area who carry our products. However, please call ahead to make sure your local dealer has the specific product you want in the specific size you need. In the unlikely event that you can’t find exactly what you want, any of our dealers will gladly handle your special order for any Bending Branches paddle. All of our paddles are readily available from our factory.


“This paddle performs as great as it looks. It delivers plenty of power and control for river situations and its reinforced blade is extremely tough! This is one of the lightest 60 inch paddles I have ever picked up - Great!”

“I splurged and it has been well worth it. This paddle is amazingly light and strong. I just got back from 3 days on the Upper Delaware and it performed beautifully on the class I’s and II’s the river has to offer. I like the stern and this paddle could turn wonderfully. My brother got plenty of power from it when he used it in the bow. This paddle is also a fine piece of craftsmanship that looks beautiful while waiting for "next time".

“A couple years ago I bought the beautiful BB Sun Shadow Straight for my girlfriend to use. She loves its lightweight and its comfortable handle and its good looks. It's a major step up from the cheap aluminum & plastic paddles we had before. I've used her Sun Shadow on rivers where I wanted a straight paddle, and it's really a great paddle. Best of all, these paddles are true lightweight performers, not just beauty pageant winners. We're totally sold on these Bending Branches paddles.”

“I have had this paddle for 5 years. Have used it for 6 BWCA trips and lots of day trips. It has held up well. No cracks at all and no wear at the tip of the blade because of the excellent Rockgard material. The grip is especially comfortable for me and this paddle also looks great too.”