"A" Series Limited Edition Canoe Paddle



This is no run-of-the-woodshop paddle. It’s the most hands-on, handcrafted paddle we’ve ever made, for people who treasure life’s finer things.

It's many special features in include:

Double-bend design and ovalized shaft that make every stroke more comfortable, more efficient.

Special ergonomically angled grip that aligns with your wrist and forearm, providing added comfort.

The rich hue and feather-light weight of the first paddle made with roasted basswood. Roasting the wood makes it ultra light.

Rich, sueded-cloth blade pouch, with Bending Branches embroidering and a Velcro® tab to hold the pouch snugly in place during transport.

Blade Size: 
17.75" x 8.25"
Grip Type: 
Curved Palm Grip
Lengths Available: 
48 in
50 in
52 in
54 in
Rockgard Color: 
Degree Bend: 
Shaft Type: 
Ovalized 21-laminate double-bend
21 oz. - weight based on average weight of 50” paddle: due to the natural variations in wood, weight could vary by +/- 10%
Wood Type: 
Basswood and roasted basswood
Lightweight Fiberglass
Suggested Retail Price: 
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Bending Branches’ Limited Edition paddle is a functional performance paddle with the fit and finish of fine furniture.

  • Built of the finest lightweight American hardwoods.
  • Has a fully-protected blade edge (with a urethane resin) and a fiberglass blade wrap for added durability.
  • The ergonomically-designed double bend shaft, along with the specially-curved palm grip provide the comfort you’re looking for, even on a long trip.

While many methods exist, a simple and accurate way is to measure your torso. Sit up straight on a flat surface and measure from the surface in between your legs to your nose. Follow the chart below:

Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
Torso Size Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle Length
26" 48"
28" 50"
30" 52"
32" 54"

An easy way to measure in the field is to place the grip of the paddle between your legs (while sitting) and mark where the shoulder is (where blade meets shaft). The shoulder on a straight shaft should be at your forehead; the shoulder on a bent shaft should be at your nose. Note: this is only a guideline to sizing. Seat height, style of paddling, and arm length can all effect the size you need. Demo paddling is always recommended.

Canoe Paddle Sizing Video
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Please Note
We’ve done our best to show you the dealers in your area who carry our products. However, please call ahead to make sure your local dealer has the specific product you want in the specific size you need. In the unlikely event that you can’t find exactly what you want, any of our dealers will gladly handle your special order for any Bending Branches paddle. All of our paddles are readily available from our factory.


I was out looking for a new paddle last year with no intention of buying anything fancy. When I saw this paddle at the outfitters, I immediately fell in love and knew that I had to get it. First, it's a piece of art. It would look just as good hanging on the wall in your living room as it does paddling pristine lakes and rivers. Second, its beauty is not at the expense of its function (in fact, quite the opposite). The double bend shaft fits perfectly into your hands and your paddle stroke feels perfect every time. By far, my favourite paddle. Thanks so much to the folks at Bending Branches!!! :)

If you have to settle on one canoe paddle, Bending Branches is a solid choice. And this bent shaft sure is pretty. - Dave Puskala

So, how much is it? Is it still available? I would very much like one. It is stunning. I need a new paddle =]

The Limited Edition retails for $240 USD and will be available through 2014. However, we are only making 750 of them, and when they're gone... they are gone!

I wanted to share with you the review that I recently submitted to paddling.net: Rating: 10 out of 10 " After receiving my new Limited Edition and opening the box, I was first of all amazed at the quality of workmanship that this paddle displayed. "No run-of-the-woodshop paddle" indeed! This is truly a handcrafted beauty, numbered 98 out of 750 and signed by the founders. Almost too pretty to use, but after all that's what paddles are for. Took it out in my solo boat, along with my Sugar Island-style paddle. Long story short, the ergonomic double bent shaft and grip, along with the incredibly light weight made this paddle a joy to use, especially with the hit-and-switch technique. I will always carry my wood straight-shaft to use for more specialized conditions such as whitewater, but this new BB is definitely my favorite." Thank you, I love it! - Robin Kalthoff

I just received my new Limited Edition and all I can say is: Wow! Now my quandary is "do I use it or display it?" It truly is a thing of beauty and a piece of art! Thank you!

Can you make the search a little easier for me and just tell me where I can buy one.
Only found Austin Kayak sells them online and only 52 and 54"

Sandy, Here is the answer to your question: In a store: Appomattox River Co (Farmville, VA) Austin Canoe & Kayak (Austin, San Marcos, Houston, and North Houston, TX) Fairhope Boat Co (Fairhope, AL) Jersey Paddler (Brick, NJ) Midwest Mountaineering (Minneapolis, MN) Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company (Saratoga Springs, NY) Piragis Northwoods Co (Ely, MN) Rutabaga Paddlesports (Madison, WI) Wild River Outfitters (Virginia Beach, VA) Online: ACK: http://www.austinkayak.com/products/11851/Bending-Branches-A-Series-Limi... Coontail Sports: http://coontailsports.com/products/bending-branches-a-series-limited-edi... Rutabaga: http://www.rutabaga.com/bending-branches-a-series-bent-shaft-limited-edi... If you have more questions, call us at 715-755-3405. Thank you, Bending Branches Customer Service