BB Special Bent Shaft Wood Canoe Paddle



Perfect for sophisticated paddlers, the BB Special bent shaft wood canoe paddle offers flat water cruising performance for a reasonable price. The blade consists of seven laminates of basswood, maple, and red alder.

Blade Size: 
8" x 20"
Grip Type: 
Classic Palm Grip
Lengths Available: 
48 in
50 in
52 in
54 in
56 in
Rockgard Color: 
Degree Bend: 
Shaft Type: 
12 Laminate : Shafts are ovalized for more natural feel and comfort.
22 oz : weight based on average weight of 50” paddle: due to the natural variations in wood, weight could vary by +/- 10%
Wood Type: 
Basswood, Maple, & Red Alder
Suggested Retail Price: 
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Beautifully-crafted from multiple hardwoods, these high-tech, ergonomically-sound paddles are designed for the canoe elitist who wants the finest in power, comfort, and beauty.

  • Designed for weeklong or day trips on lakes and rivers.
  • Blade tips should be made of resin for durability.
  • These exquisite paddles are typically available in both bent and straight shafts.

While many methods exist, a simple and accurate way is to measure your torso. Sit up straight on a flat surface and measure from the surface in between your legs to your nose. Follow the chart below:

Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
Torso Size Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle Length
20" N/A
22" N/A
24" N/A
26" 48"
28" 50"
30" 52"
32" 54"
34" 56"
36" N/A
38" N/A

An easy way to measure in the field is to place the grip of the paddle between your legs (while sitting) and mark where the shoulder is (where blade meets shaft). The shoulder on a straight shaft should be at your forehead; the shoulder on a bent shaft should be at your nose. Note: this is only a guideline to sizing. Seat height, style of paddling, and arm length can all effect the size you need. Demo paddling is always recommended.

Canoe Paddle Sizing Video
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Product Video
A quick tour of the BB Special Canoe Paddle by Bending Branches.


This is a great paddle. 100% satisfied I've canoed with this paddle for a long time on extended trips and day trips. It feels great, comfortable, light weight and reliable. I can say from experience that after miles on the water this paddle will not wear you out or hurt your hands. looking at retiring my current BB and getting another one

“This Bending Branches BB Special Canoe Paddle is a functional work of art. I will never use another paddle. I think I will sell all my other paddles to buy one more for my passengers to use so they can keep up.”

“I have 2 BB Specials. They are excellent paddles that are very well finished. For the money I don't think there is a paddle that can compete with the BB Special. The durability is excellent I (and friends) have used all of them over the course of 5 years. You can't go wrong with these paddles.”

“The BB Special paddle makes flat-water cruising a breeze. The bent shaft design allows you to get a lot more blade in the water and gives a much smoother stroke than typical paddles. In addition, the paddle incorporates traditional grips and woods with an innovative and effective implementation. Overall, this paddle gives you speed, performance and quality while reducing the amount of work it takes to get the boat moving. This is a must own for lake paddlers everywhere.”