Viper Double Bend Wood Canoe Paddle



Please note that the Viper received a face-list in the spring of 2014. You may still see some of the older models in your local store today.

The Bending Branches ergonomic Viper double bend wood canoe paddle takes efficiency and comfort to the next level. Aligning both wrists to reduce fatigue, this paddle is both stunning to look at and to paddle. Fiberglass blade wrap protects the nine laminates of basswood and roasted basswood.

Blade Size: 
9" x 20"
Grip Type: 
Curved Palm Grip
Lengths Available: 
48 in
50 in
52 in
54 in
Rockgard Color: 
Degree Bend: 
Shaft Type: 
21 Laminate : Shafts are ovalized for more natural feel and comfort.
23 oz : weight based on average weight of 50” paddle: due to the natural variations in wood, weight could vary by +/- 10%
Wood Type: 
Basswood and Roasted Basswood
Heavy-Duty Fiberglass
Suggested Retail Price: 
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Expedition paddles are built to stand up to the rugged conditions of an expedition or whitewater use:

  • Typically built of the beefiest components/materials.
  • Should have a f ully-protected blade edge (with a urethane resin) and a fiberglass blade wrap for added durability.
  • Look closely at the paddle grips. T-grips are typically better for whitewater, while a curved palm grip may provide you the comfort you’re looking for on a long trip.

While many methods exist, a simple and accurate way is to measure your torso. Sit up straight on a flat surface and measure from the surface in between your legs to your nose. Follow the chart below:

Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
Torso Size Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle Length
20" N/A
22" N/A
24" N/A
26" 48"
28" 50"
30" 52"
32" 54"
34" 56"
36" N/A
38" N/A

An easy way to measure in the field is to place the grip of the paddle between your legs (while sitting) and mark where the shoulder is (where blade meets shaft). The shoulder on a straight shaft should be at your forehead; the shoulder on a bent shaft should be at your nose. Note: this is only a guideline to sizing. Seat height, style of paddling, and arm length can all effect the size you need. Demo paddling is always recommended.

Canoe Paddle Sizing Video
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Please Note
We’ve done our best to show you the dealers in your area who carry our products. However, please call ahead to make sure your local dealer has the specific product you want in the specific size you need. In the unlikely event that you can’t find exactly what you want, any of our dealers will gladly handle your special order for any Bending Branches paddle. All of our paddles are readily available from our factory.

Product Video
A quick tour of the Viper Double Bend Canoe Paddle by Bending Branches.


I am going into my third paddling season with my Viper, my other bent shafts hardly get taken out of their bags these days. Besides being great to look at, this paddle reduces the 'numb hands' feeling during a long travel day on the water. A lot of miles on this paddle and a lot more to go!

“On my recent ninety-day canoe trip from Lake Superior to Hudson Bay, I put 1,400 miles and over a million strokes on my Bending Branches Viper. The light weight of the paddle and its wide blade was a blessing for the long days I spent paddling. “

“I love this paddle, the main drawback for me has been that we needed to get another paddle for my wife, as I was overpowering her on every stoke and we just couldn’t go straight until we upgraded her paddle as well. I’ve found that the bend in the shaft feels very natural, and reduces fatigue. Also, I have yet to pull the paddle out and not get a few comments on it, as it is also beautiful. Keep up the great work!”

I have paddled nearly every mass produced canoe paddle there is in 12 years of working at a canoe and kayak shop. This is by far my favorite bent shaft paddle I've ever used. Please, please, please make this in carbon.

Thank you very much for your comment. We love the support and please continue to enjoy our hand-crafted paddles. We take serious consideration of the advise we hear from our fans/customers, so know your comment will go to the drawing board. We will do everything we can to support your paddle needs. Keep coming back to for new products and news.