Branching Out - Bent vs. Straight Shaft Canoe Paddle

By looking outside, one might not know it, but believe it or not, paddling season is fast approaching here in the midwest! For many, paddling is a chance to step away from the normal routine. It’s about the sights, smells and sounds that only mother nature can provide that humbles a person and reminds them of the greatness of her beauty. It’s a chance for perspective, to “reset” one’s mind which inevitably gets filled (and at times over-filled) with all of life’s day to day responsibilities. While these reasons likely resonate with some of out there, many that paddle do so for different reasons. Maybe it’s a way to connect with friends or just a way to get to that hot fishing spot. Whatever the reason, paddling enthusiasts come from different places, lead different lives- with different demands. Speaking of different demands, paddling is no different. The demands of the paddle really depend on what type of paddling one is looking to do. Are you going to be on flat water, fast water? Is it a long trip or short? These are just a few of the things a person needs to consider when looking for the paddle that best fits their needs. One of the distinctions out there is between the bent shaft and straight shaft paddle. Watch the helpful video below for a brief description on the difference between the two. In the next blog, we’ll touch on how to choose the right size paddle. Happy Paddling!!!
This video will help you choose between a bent and straight shaft canoe paddle.

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