The Updated Angler Pro Is Great!

Over the years, I have been fortunate to have owned almost a dozen different types of fishing kayaks---boats designed for different kinds of water.  And all that time, there has been one paddle that has been by my side:  the Angler Pro from Bending Branches.  It simply gets the job done no matter if I am paddling a Coosa HD in a small creek or a Big Rig in a large lake. This year, I have spent most of the year paddling the all new Mayfly---a super-stable, super-versatile kayak from Jackson Kayak.  And now, I have a fresh paddle by my side, the newly updated Angler Pro.

I was once told to buy the lightest paddle I could afford.  And I am glad I did!  Just this past weekend at the end of our second day of catching trophy smallmouth bass, I invited fellow Bending Branches and Jackson Kayak team mate Evan Howard to swap his classic Angler Pro for my newly updated Angler Pro. He instantly recognized than the updated Angler Pro propelled his boat better than the legacy Angler Pro.  I instantly noticed that those two ounces of weight savings in the new Angler Pro made a big difference.   

This weekend was just more proof that from the moment of your first stroke with the new Angler Pro, you and your boat will perform better on the water.   The blade of the Angler Pro has been upsized and reshaped.  It now cups more water and pushes your boat further with less effort.  This is essentially a free engine upgrade.  Combined with about two ounces of weight savings, you should have more time and energy at the end of your fishing trips.  With the new Angler Pro, they have somehow improved upon a paddle that has won multiple “paddle of the year” awards in recent years. 

Updated Angler Pro in Radiant pattern

And not only has the weight of the Angler Pro dropped, but also has the price point.  The updated Angler Pro now has an MSRP of $299.00.  A lighter weight and more performance for a cheaper price?  It is not very often that product improves features and gets less expensive, but that is what has happened with the updated Angler Pro.  Without a doubt, if you were ever on the fence about investing in a top of the line paddle, now is the time!


A trophy smallmouth