"The Precision Tool"

Tips on using your paddle to improve you fishing sucess

  As a kayak angler, I have many things that I consider integral to my success on the water.  The obvious things like my tackle, lures, boat and research of the water that I am fishing are some of the givens.  But one thing that over the past few years that has joined the list of major factors in my success is my Bending Branches paddle.  In a day on the water aside from your fishing rod, the one thing that is in your hands the most is your paddle.   Now some of you who know me are probably thinking, yea right,  Matt is a big supporter of the Torqeedo ultralight kayak motor and part of the Torqeedo Fishing Team.  Why do you need a quality paddle when you have a motor on your fishing kayak?  How can you be a supporter of motors on a kayak and also part of the Pro Staff for Bending Branches?  Well I'm here to tell you they both go hand in hand and have a special place in my fishing arsenal.

 First off, I could go on and on about the benefits of having a motor on your kayak.  Anyone who denies the fact that it maximizes your time on the water, just haven't tried one yet.  They are a great tool to save you time and energy on the water, but stealth and quick adjustment of boat position are not their strong points.  That is where a quality lightweight paddle shines.  

 Fishing out of a kayak takes skill and technique that many people don't realize till they try it for themselves.  Not only are you usually sitting down, you are managing tackle, wind, and current all while trying to position yourself for the best presentation of your bait. Going over hours of GoPro footage the other day I noticed just how much time is spent adjusting my boat while trying to cast and catch fish.  That seems obvious, but one thing that stood out to me is that I don't remember thinking about doing it at the time.  Often I would be in the middle of a retrieve and with one hand grab my paddle off of my lap and make a correction and never even know I was doing it.  The fact that it is so second nature is a testament to a quality lightweight paddle like my Bending Branches Angler Pro Plus.   It is amazing how much time is spent paddling with one hand while fishing in a day.  

 Years ago when I first began kayak fishing, a friend gave me the advice to get a good quality paddle when I bought my first boat.  I remember thinking,  how much different can they all be.  It's just a paddle right?  Well years later when I finally upgraded to a good paddle I can tell you difference is amazing.  Spending all day with a heavy aluminum paddle takes a toll on the arms and shoulders.  The amount of wasted energy per stroke equaled a sore back and arms very quickly. The efficiency of a properly sized paddle with the correct shaft and blade for your activity make a world of difference.

 The other thing to point out is the abuse we put our paddles through in a day. Banging them off rocks, using them as a push pole, sliding around in the truck, and getting piled under in the bed of the truck by kayaks and gear is more common than not.  Shoving off the bank with your paddle only to have it snap can ruin a trip real quick.   That is where quality materials and workmanship really shine and that is what you get with a Bending Branches paddle.

 So check out all the great products available at www.bendingbranches.com and know you are getting an American make  paddle designed and built by paddlers and kayak anglers.  Stop in your local Bending Branches dealer and feel for yourself what a difference a great paddle can make!