Can I Get an Unfinished Wood Paddle?

Our Customer Service Team is here to answer your questions and help you in any way we can. Here are a couple questions we get occasionally…

BB Unfinished Paddles

Q: “Can I get an unfinished wood paddle?”

A: Yes!

We occasionally get asked by customers if they can special order an unfinished wooden paddle. This can be for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they want to add custom artwork, or a personalized message or name as a gift for someone. Some want a laser engraving or woodburning design etched in.

This allows you to handle the artwork and final finishing yourself so you get exactly what you want.

The cost is the same and we can normally have your paddle made and out to you in a few days.

Important things to think about: What is the intended use for your paddle? Will it hang over the fireplace for a decorative piece? Will you be using it in the water?

If you plan to use your unfinished paddle in the water, then you’ll need to do the finishing yourself. You can refer to our post and video: Caring for Your Wood Paddle to show you how. If you have other questions that aren’t answered there, give us a call!

Q: “Can I get a wood hockey stick?”

A: We’re sorry, not anymore!

For those new to the Bending Branches family of paddles, we once were well-known as a maker of superior hockey sticks, too. Their production helped keep us busy during the winter season when paddles were out of season.

Our hockey sticks debuted at a show in Montreal in 1987 with rousing success. They became an important part of Branches’ growth as a company in the 1990s, especially when the sticks became widely used in the NHL.

Branches Hockey Sticks

When wooden sticks were gradually replaced by aluminum and full-composite sticks in the early 2000s, we phased out our hockey line. Production officially ended in early 2003, and we again re-focused exclusively on the paddle sports.

(While we can’t sell you a hockey stick anymore, we see them occasionally on eBay!)

See this article on for a longer history.

Do you have more questions for us? Contact our friendly Wisconsin-based customer service team. We love talking to our customers!

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