“My Favorite Thing about Paddling” Customer Stories

People paddle for many different reasons. Here are some of our customers’ favorite things about paddling…

best thing about canoeing

Our customers come from different places, different age groups and with different levels of experience on the water. But they all have one thing in common: They love paddling!

We asked some of them their favorite thing about paddling. Here’s what they said:

It’s Healthy

“The best thing about paddling is that it’s mentally and physically healthy in so many ways. It’s a great way to hunt, fish, camp and view nature.” So says Floridian, Bill.

Tennessee native, Brent, says, “At my age, I really enjoy the exercise I get from doing something I love.”

Access to Nature

Dan says, “Viewing the world from a kayak quickly puts things into perspective. I am continually humbled by nature’s splendor. As a nature photographer, my kayak allows me access to incredibly beautiful areas and I have had many memorable wildlife encounters. In this fast-paced world, it is always a relief to slow down and savor the environment.”

Claire agrees: “So much is encompassed into experiencing trips and feeling yourself. Taking off from a Boundary Water entry point is definitely a high point.”

Eddie, from South Carolina: “My favorite thing about paddling is the serenity of the river in the early morning.”

We even have a customer from the beautiful island of Tasmania, southeast of Australia. John shares: “In a country as beautiful as this, I just love being out in the wilderness!”

The Feelings

Donald lives in Maine with access to the ocean, lakes and rivers. He says, “On still water, I love the feeling of moving a good canoe through the water gracefully with a fine wooden paddle.”  

He adds: “In rapidly moving water, I love the pleasure and thrill of nimbly negotiating a passage among rocks and current…On long trips, especially in the north, it’s the sense that you could go on and on forever…The ocean is something else altogether.”

Ryan loves the feeling of freedom he gets: “The first thing that comes to mind is freedom. I love the freedom of floating down the river with friends and family. Unlike hiking (which I do a lot of as well), paddling allows you time to sit back and enjoy your surroundings a bit more.”

Jim shares: “Quite simply, my favorite thing about paddling is pushing away from shore. I love feeling the canoe respond to my paddle.”

The Peace and Quiet

Sailor-turned-kayaker Jeff: “Definitely the peace and quiet. I love sneaking up close to birds, sunning turtles and dolphins!”

Kristi is from North Carolina. She says, “I love to paddle because it makes me feel at peace with the earth, as corny as that may sound…floating on the water worshipping the beautiful earth we live on!”

Paddling with Others

Most of our customers enjoy paddling with others. What a relaxing and healthy way to spend time with family and friends!

One customer, William, has gotten all his camping friends into kayaking, too. He shares, “Being a guide has become one of my favorite things about paddling. I love to go out and teach new paddlers all about how to enjoy being on the water. I really enjoy leading them through the wilderness waterways and seeing the enjoyment on everybody’s face.”

A son and father pair from Iowa love that, too: “It’s a fun way to get to those hard to reach fishing holes while spending some quality time with my dad.”

“It’s just fun!”

Many of us can relate to Minnesotan, Nils, when he says, “It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite thing about paddling. It’s just fun.”

A Florida resident, Mitchel says, “I especially enjoy fishing in the ocean…I can’t wait to go ocean fishing for some real saltwater predators.”

What’s YOUR favorite thing about padding? We’d love to hear about it! Send us an email and let us know.

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