Angler Pro vs. Navigator

Justin Arakaki from San Diego, California, recently became a regional Ambassador for our fishing team. Besides being one of the best fishermen on the West Coast, he also happens to be a phenomenal writer. He amalgamated his communications skills with his hobby of fishing when we wrote this article. He wrote about two of the best selling, most popular paddles we sell: The Angler Pro and Navigator. As he said, "The most important tool in every kayak angler's toolbox is his paddle. The paddle is the engine of a kayak, and can either aide or hinder you while out fishing." I couldn't say it better myself. Check out his review here:

100 miles and paddlin' - by Mike Conneen


Those of you who have followed me for a while, or know me personally, know of Mike Conneen as I talk about him often. He's an inspiration to me and someone I admire very much. Working to help people like Mike is one of the main reasons I do this job.

Mike and his buddy John went on a 100 mile kayaking trip in an effort to raise money for educational programs on the Indian River Lagoon. This story is incredible and worth your time, I promise. Please take a moment to read his story and remind yourself what’s important in life.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his story:

"Leave the wheelchair at home in order to push myself harder by walking with my paddle."

"Packing wisely I brought my previous legs, the Bending Branches Angler Classic, with me just to have a spare because you should never go on a trip without an extra paddle."

"Aside from propelling kayaks and helping me walk, a good paddle will help you feel secure."

"The kayak is like my invis-disability cloak. “You’re what? Where is your wheelchair?”"

"We pushed on and finished the trip on December 18th, raising close to $4,500 for educational programs on the Indian River Lagoon."

"Beside me every step of the way was my trusty Bending Branches paddle that never gives up on me. "

"A paddle can be an object that is a tool for your boat or it can be something totally different. My paddle has taken me to places that were once told never possible. It goes without saying that I depend on and put confidence in a product. In 2003 I was told I’d never walk again. In 2014 I stood up in my Ocean Kayak while on the water for the very first time. Thank you, Bending Branches."

Andrew Stern
Marketing Specialist

For every action there is a reaction.

Every choice we make has a consequence of some sort, and a good portion of the time these choices and consequences affect others. We don't always notice this impact, but it's always there - leaving a wake or a ripple wherever we go.

Example: Choice A: Skip breakfast, rush out of the house - being grouchy and rushed to everyone we meet. The people we meet go to their work or home and complain about the grouchy person. Those complaints contagiously spread to the next and so on and so on. Choice B: Slow down, enjoy a little breakfast and a new day. Smile and say hi to the people we meet. They in return share a smile - and that smile contagiously spreads.

While we don't spend much time thinking about how a small choice like our breakfast affects others, this small choice can impact an infinite number of people. Amazing! and a big responsibility. We can work together to transform this world in a positive light through our attitudes, actions, and beliefs. Waste not want not. A friendly smile and a kind gesture. Taking care of what we have.

Check out Amy and Dave Freeman as they work to protect the Minnesota Boundary Water Wilderness, another choice that will inevitably have an impact on our world and life. Good luck guys!
Protect the Minnesota Boundary Water Wilderness

Morning Paddling

There are few things in life as breath-taking as a sunrise. They mark a new beginning, a fresh start, and a quietness that revives the soul. On this particular morning, a thick fog had formed from the first heavy frost, creating a feeling of complete calm that accentuated the perfectly beautiful sunrise. Enjoy today.

Nine Rivers, A Canoe Journey Through the Canadian Shield

Nine Rivers follows four men on a month-long, thousand kilometre canoe journey through the Canadian shield. Share the hardships and splendor of the North on this journey to Hudson Bay. A film by Dave Hartman, Matt Perpick & Adam Biehler.

"You need to work hard every day, and you are not going to come out to a big answer or the big answer in life. You are just going to find yourself at a new spot, a little further down river. You are going to be a little stronger; you're going to grow with the people around you, and you're going to wake up the next day and you're going to do it again." Watch their journey now.

Why are the Angler paddles by Bending Branches the best kayak fishing paddle option?

Bending Branches paddles continue to be a leader in the kayak fishing industry. Our innovation meet the needs of anglers at every level: Hook retrieval option, tape measure on shaft, powerful-no-flutter blades, lightweight shafts, telescoping ferrule... just to name a few.

Our competition continues to try and keep up. But, since we are the original angler kayak paddle designers, we know why these features are so important - making our execution spot on.

Not only do we build durable, lightweight angler kayak paddles with great features, they also come in at a variety of price points. We don't save our features for the most expensive paddles either. Bending Branches builds kayak paddles for every angler! Check them out here: Bending Branches Angler Kayak Paddles

"Lightweight, powerful, AMAZING!!" - Satisfied Customer.

Photo: Joshua Cost Fisher |

BB Sunrise GS Helps Land Record Setting Shark

Joel Abrahamsson lands a 1,247 lb Greenland shark from a kayak and the bb Sunrise GS is in hand! Check out the story here. Photo courtesy of Yak Fish TV.

Absolutely Amazing Video - Canoe Strokes and Control

This video is a must see for any paddling enthusiast and very educational. Watch all the way to the end. Happy paddling!

Kayak Fishing Motivational Reel

"This sport is growing everyday and the competition is getting better and better everyday. This video will help you get pumped up for your next tournament." - Courtesy of Big Worm Productions

"Don't Give Up on Your Day Dream."

Janet Moreland took home the 2014 Spirit of Adventure Award from Canoe and Kayak. She was the first woman and first American to paddle her country’s longest river system with her 3,900-mile, 223-day “Love Your Big Muddy” source-to-sea kayak journey down the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

She accepted the award in Salt Lake City, Utah this week with the inspirational phrase "Don't give up on your day dream."

Congrats Janet and thanks for being an inspiration to follow the heart.

Read more about Janet's adventure here courtesy of Canoe and Kayak.


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